Tuesday, January 16, 2007

No...I dont drink at alll

Lets see.....

(1) Glassy Eyed

(2) Overly Broad movements

(3) Inability to focus very well

(4) Slurred speech

Yup, that Paula Abdul was drunk up again! Whats up with that? I mean, seriously, can she JUST have coke next time? This is bordering on embarrassment!!

Whilst I am on American Idol -- SCARY from MN!! WOW -- only 16 went through.

Now, some of the people they pushed through to the judges was just for shits n giggles, because seriously -- they were far from good. Those "pre-judges" are sadistic fuckers LOL. You know that they probably have a quota of bad talent.

I sure hope it gets much better, because if its like this in all seven cities, thats only what, 100 contestants total LOL...

Seattle -- I love ya, but it looks like you wont be much better *sigh*

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