Tuesday, January 30, 2007

GW -- What a moron...

So—last night on the way home I was listening to NPR, and they were doing an interview with GW.  I just confirmed my belief that the man should NEVER speak with out a prepared text.


A few of the things he said:


“You know I have trouble pronouncing words as it is…”  in reference to calling the Democratic Party the Democrat Party


Also, when asked about his cockeyes health care plan, which would take benefits of plans over a certain amount – he was asked”

“Wouldn’t that be a tax increase for those people with good health plans?”  (which is the gist of the plan)

GW said “No.  Its just a rewriting of the tax code to make it more fair for everyone”


At that point, it was time to turn him off – because he was getting on my LAST nerve! 


As we were watching the Outlaugh Film this past week, a comic (Leah Delariah) said something that both funny, sad and true


“I shouldn’t feel smarter than my president”


Amen Leah, Amen!!

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