Thursday, January 4, 2007

The CALM before the storm....

This is truly the calm before the storm.  We are rolling into January, and all the bookkeepers are busy getting the W-2’s ready to go out, and getting their corporate books up to date, then sending them to us.  Then we get to have the fun of dealing with Taxes through the end of April! 


Which means I get to sacrifice a lot of Saturdays …  but at least I think I will bike to work when I have to work on Saturdays – since I won’t have to wear business dress (which is hard to bike in).  Plus, I can grab a healthy lunch from the market (which is delightful). 


I honestly don’t mind tax season, it keeps me quite busy, then I feel I deserve a nice vacation, and don’t feel bad taking some time off of work (Not that that’s a problem for me…I would rather be at home doing anything else). 


Once Tax Season is over, I will start with my endurance training – I mean the CPA exam training ;-)  That is going to require me to give up most of my Saturdays as well, and almost for the remainder of the year.   The ones I get to keep, will be study days for the test.   So, busy busy busy times ahead!!


I will keep up the blog when things strike me, and its easier since I can do it from my phone.  I can do it while waiting for the doctor, or just waiting in general.


Happy 2007 everyone!  Don’t forget to do your taxes – or better yet have me do them for you ;-)



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