Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The next American Idol.......(thoughts as we go along)

Okay, first off.. Paula's drunk again *sigh*....

Secondly, Darwin "Mesha" Ready, girl, get you some help. Get your hair de-fried, PUT ON A FRICKEN BRA, and a little personality... I mean Sheeesh!! The deadpan delivery of her chat with the judges was scary enough, let alone her singing. AND -- her mom was like her freaky twin LOL....

HOLY Smokes.

Ummm....why you gonna bring your doggies to the auditions....thats wierd.

Now, if you recall the girl with the pink fishnets on her arms... she needs a gay boy to guide her. Those arms look like bologna -- That outfit, just BAD evil, wrong. I wish I had a picture to show you... Simon says she looks bunburned,I think its just plain WRONG.

So far -- seattle SUCKS.

Maybe the second hour will be better.

I feel like maybe they are "highlighting" the bad ones,and are going to surprise with the good ones come holly wood --- because maybe they are just THAT good. LORD I hope so!

Can I just say, that Target has the absolutly greatest commercials. That "Hellp Goodbuy" commerical, so creative, and fun! WOW. the most entertaining thing so far this hour.

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