Tuesday, January 22, 2008

What a CRAZY weekend!

So -- the weekend started out with snow -- in Atlanta thats a big deal. It started around 11ish Saturday morning, and snowed till about three -- took a little break, and then picked back up again... The temps didn't get cold enough fast enough for it to stick around -- but it was nice to watch. We stayed in bed and watched the snow fall.

I love watching snow fall -- its such peace, and total silence -- not unlike a good rain storm which can be quite noisy! There wasn't much on TV -- so we just cuddled up, watched "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" (Very Tennessee Williams, Very good).

I made dinner on saturday (Beef tenderloing and some yummy taters with a wine reduction Yummmmy). We watched more movies (Truman Show & American Beauty), and crashed early.

Sunday -- lazy lazy day -- stayed in bed till 10, had coffee and cinamon rolls, and then went back to bed till dinner :-) LAZY!! Its exhausting being so lazy

Monday was the crazy day, with Darren needing to bring Bailey to the vet -- and it turned into an all day affair. I did enjoy spending the day with him tho. When we picked Bailey up, the poor fella had his whole head bandaged, and a cone to boot -- poor Boo... He'll be fine tho.

All in all -- it was a good lazy crazy weekend.... :-)

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