Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Quick honey -- get to the store for milk and bread

so kids, or gift today from above -- powdery white fun! Well, not quite THAT fun -- but it did SNOW in Atlanta today (and sleet, and ice); and being 23 floors up, I feel like I got to be among the first to experience it. My first snow fall in the ATL. Wondering what to do about work -- I could technically still get to work (being as how I work and live on the 3300 Block of Peachtree Road NE) but if no one else goes in should I go in to be a good boy... hmmmmm what a quandry.

The snow also brought over my lil cuddle bear :-) we ate White Chicken Chili (to go with the snow theme? White, purity, and innocence) and watched the Sarah Connor Chronicles from FOX ... Goood shizzle!

And hell - Milk and Bread; bitch bring me some porn, lube, wine, and my cuddle bear LOL... thats all I need for a winter storm...

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