Friday, March 2, 2007

Stanton, Largo, and the embarassed Floridians

There is a whole lotta hoopla about Mr/Ms Stanton (who, out of respect for her, I will refer to as "Susan", which will be her new name, once her outside image matches her inside image) and the largo city firing him after the announcement.
I find it duly odd that in October of 2003, the city itself implemented a non discrimination policy against gender identity, and yet -- here they are firing Susan for identifying as a woman, and having the courage to come out and confront her issues head on. 
I applaud Susan for her courage, and hope that she decides to FIGHT this firing.  The bigots can't always win!
In addition to this, a member of Equality Florida has been arrested on a FELONY charge for distributing leaflets that say "don't discriminate"
What a shame -- and all this in my own back yard... I am so embarassed.....
See the excellent news release from the HRC


Dr. Jillian Todd Weiss said...

Check out the law - Stanton may have a pretty good lawsuit -

Anonymous said...

the city of largo "heard" arguments to implement the policy which was rejected. You should check your information all the way through before you post as fact.

Blatherings of a Floridian said...

The city (as an employee) did implement a non discrimination policy. They did not implement one city wide for all employees in the city.