Friday, February 23, 2007


So – I have a sneaking suspicion that the Idol this year is going to be equipped with lady parts.   The boys were super BLAH, and the Girls were either boring as snail snot, or fan-fricken-tastic.


That last girl, singing “And I’m telling you” was amazing.   I had to watch it twice.  That Melinda girl (You know, the SUPER shy one) is also phenomenal! Amazing, and I don’t think she knows it – but sure is getting the picture FAST!!


And the first girl, was like a prettier, less trailer Fantasia…rocking those songs out.


The only guy I remember was Mister Cutie Beat Boxer – he was good.  Oh and Chris Sligh….  But I think this years gonna be down to two girls.  I wont hesitate predictions until we get at least to the bottom eight, so I can see the performances a few more times, and see who grows, and who just sucks!


I am such a TV whore.. *sigh*



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