Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Just another Week

So, as my Sistahs are out cruising the oceans like a Caribbean Queen, I am sitting in the office, pretty much bored.   There is a spit of work that comes in here and again, but not much.  I guess I shouldn't complain, as we will be hella busy come January through April, and by then I will be ready for a vacation.   I am hoping to make it to Fort Bottomdale, er Lauderdale for my birthday celebration, which will probably be pushed back to memorial day, just to make it a bit easier, and to extend it a bit!!
Its also the start of the Holiday Season, so there is SOOOO much going on, Anthony's work Holiday party, my work Holiday party...it just never ends.  I won't get a breath until probably May of 2007 :-)
But a busy bee is a happy bee eh!!
I got this in my fortune cookie "Don't forget to to do good deeds as you accumlate wealth"

Ken P.

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