Friday, November 17, 2006

Full Circle

So, it appears that we have now come full circle! Wal-Mart -- once praised by Christians for its narrow view points on many issues is now going to be boycotted by "Christian Activists" on black friday. (On a separate note, its always funny how anyone who decides against what Christians believe is an activist judge, but when a judge decided the 2000 elections, he wasn't an activist, but a fair judge..hmmm)....

So, the "Christians" are staging a "save wal-mart" campaign--because Walmart is now promoting the Homo. Agenda and helping to undermine marriage (divorce anyone?).

Anyway, take a look for your self. Though I hate to provide them with traffic, I find it very funny to read their point of view, and see just how far things can be skewed.

I find it particularly interesting that there is a blurb on their flyer about the morning after pill, and how wal-mart is helping to kill little boys and girls in the "privacy of American homes." Which would be my point exactly -- if you don't wanna take the pill--hey don't take it :-) Enjoy, laugh, get pissed off...I just know I won't be shopping at Wal Mart on Black Friday, and it has more to do with the crowds of bargain hunters than the few Activist Christians that may be on hand. (LINK HERE) (its a PDF File, and the website is

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