Friday, December 15, 2006

Yeah for HAIRSPRAY!!!


Today we are going to see HairSpray!!  YEAH, now, to be honest..I have never seen Hairspray the movie or otherwise, so I am sure I am in for a treat.  My friends seem to think I know all the words to all the musicals, when really its just the Sound of Music I can sing along to word for word he he he….


Dinner in Ybor, cocktails with my Sistahs, a night at the theater…can anything really be better?

Okay, so we went to see Hairspray, and allthough I can hear the bells, it was about all I could hear. We were either sitting in the Wrong place, or they sound was screwy... It was darn near impossible to hear anything that was a cast number (ie, the first and last numbers)...But I still totally enjoyed it!!

Heck, I got to eat some deeelicious spanish food, and it was To Die For. If are in Tampa, you MUST go to Columbia in Ybor City!!

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